Frequently Asked Questions


What type of skin is Acnigo good for?

Acnigo Dermaceutical Skincare has been specifically formulated to be used on all types of skin, though Acnigo works especially well on oily and congested skin. Commonly individuals with highly sensitive skin are limited by the products which they are able to use, though Acnigo is not one of those products. The ingredients used in the formulation of Acnigo is designed to leave the skin feeling supple, fresh and looking amazing after consistent treatments.


What is the Acnigo treatment System?

The Acnigo treatment system is a three step process designed to address facial blemishes, redness and congestions. The three Acnigo products (Clear Cleanser, Clear Wipes and Clear Serum) work harmoniously with your skin to clean the skin, repair and control the function of the skin, and finally prevent blemishes, redness and congestion from reoccurring.


How much of each Acnigo product should I be using on my face?

You should follow the treatment schedule on the back of each product of Acnigo. This will indicate the dosage for each product and how to apply the product to your skin. It's important to remember that you may need to change the frequency of application (not the dosage) depending on your level of breakout. This is further explained in the information brochure supplied with your pack.


How long will the Acnigo treatment system last me for?

The Acnigo Treatment system has been designed to last 60 days at a level 1 treatment schedule and 30 days at level 2 or 3 treatment schedule. This is due to the frequency of the application for each product. It's important to remember that Acnigo is designed to reduce breakouts and restore the skin to its regular function. So you may need to adjust your treatment application from a level 2 to Level 1 schedule, as your skin begins to heal.


How often should I be using the Acnigo Treatment system?

In order to repair your skin and control breakouts, Acnigo must be applied daily and in accordance to the recommended dosages. Skipping applications will dramatically affect the overall effectiveness of treatment and will not adequately alleviate breakouts.  


Is Acnigo designed for men and women?

Acnigo is a unisex product and can be self-administered by all teenagers and young adults. The only variable with the application of Acnigo Dermaceutical Skincare is the severity of the individual's breakout. This can be adjusted in accordance with the Acnigo treatment schedule.


How long until the treatment starts working?

Acnigo Dermaceutical Skincare is highly effective and will start working from its first application. Due to the high levels of active ingredients with the skincare, you may see a slight increase in breakouts in the first 3 to 7 days of use, but don't worry this is completely normal. Your skin will be undertaking a regulatory function in order to alleviate excessive oils, bacteria and dirt which may be stuck in pores. Once the skin is adequately relieved this, Acnigo will begin to control breakouts and blemishes making your skin look amazing.