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Acnigo Dermaceutical Skincare is a highly effective medical grade skincare for teenagers and young adults suffering from breakouts and blemishes.


In an industry that is riddled with hype, false claims and overly inflated prices, Acnigo Dermaceutical Skincare delivers an easy to use formulation which achieves real results for Australians. Each individual formulation in the Acnigo range was developed from the ground up, in conjunction with the University Of Wollongong's IAccelerate program, located at the University of Wollongong’s Innovation Campus. Support from the University’s IAccelerate program aided in the research and development of each formulation within Acnigo Dermaceutical Skincare range.


Commonly, chemicals such as Benzoyl Peroxide, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Formaldehyde are used in formulations to treat breakouts, but unfortunately these chemicals have a negative effect on skin health. When applied directly to the skin, these chemicals damage the dermis by dehydrating and stripping pores of natural oils which perform vital functions for skin health. Acnigo omits these chemicals, only utilising scientifically proven ingredients which are approved by dermal clinicians and medical physicians. Our unique formulations contain ingredients which aid and repair the dermis whilst also promoting good cellular function for overall healthy looking skin.


Acnigo Dermaceutical Skincare is formulated by Dermal Effect Australia PTY LTD. Their mission is to educate Australians on the necessity of skin health on this dry and harsh continent.